Obamacare has been a disaster for local health insurance plans and has been anything but affordable. Basic economics teaches us that whenever the government mandates that everyone must have something, increased demand results in increased prices and increased scarcity of supply. Said another way, you’re paying more for less healthcare. Even the Democrats agree that health insurance “premium increases were necessary for the carriers to cover their costs, enabling them to continue to pay their customers’ claims” (Source: Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, October 2015).


Most people can barely afford to pay rent and buy food, let alone cope with the rapidly skyrocketing costs of Obamacare. Hawaii has already recognized how bad Obamacare is by requesting an exemption from it; (Source: Governor David Ige, Hawaii’s Proposal to Waive Certain Provisions of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act Per Section 1332, Waivers for State Innovation, January 2016) our legislators need to go further and invoke the 10th Amendment to nullify the Individual Mandate provision of the ACA. If you can’t afford insurance, you shouldn’t be forced to buy it or pay for other people’s insurance.


I have a plan and I’ll be ready day one to implement!

Medical concept - stethoscope over the dollar bills

Medical concept – stethoscope over the dollar bills