Hawaii has the most powerful teacher’s union in the United States (Source: Columbia University, June 2013) but our schools are in poor condition, overheating, overcrowded, and teachers find themselves overloaded with academic demands that are increasingly difficult to meet. And despite having a nearly $2 billion dollar budget (Source: Executive Supplemental Budget, 2017) Hawaii test scores lag the rest of the nation and are historically behind the mainland (Source: Hawaii Dept of Education, October 2015). Everyone involved – taxpayers, teachers, parents, and especially students – are not getting their money’s worth and we are falling farther behind in jobs. The education crisis in Hawaii is more than a talking point in an election year, it is a handicap on our ability to move forward into the 22nd Century.

We need to renovate, recapitalize, and modernize all our schools. We need to put an end to the era of disrepair and have the best standards of building quality and public health.

We need better after school programs to keep kids off drugs/out of crime, inspired, and motivated to succeed.

I have a plan and I’ll be ready day one to implement!