by Danny de Garcia 

While all eyes are focused on the Presidential election, state races that offer superior choices and greater opportunities for immediate change often go unnoticed .

Bryan Jeremiah is a Republican candidate running for state representative in Hawaii.



EWA BEACH, Hawaii, June 21, 2016 — The bloodletting of this year’s presidential death-match has all but exhausted voters seeking a leader to rally behind. But races across the country offer superior choices and greater opportunities for immediate change, and they are widely unnoticed.

Like mom-and-pop restaurants that can serve a just-right peach cobbler or canned dreck, local campaigns are a hit-or-miss experience. But there are those uncommon candidates who deliver precisely the hometown recipe for reform that voters desperately desire.

In Hawaii, one such man is Ewa’s Bryan Jeremiah.

The Native Hawaiian candidate is running for House District 41. The first impression he makes is of a tall and resolute man, with broad shoulders grown from decades of building things with his bare hands as a member of the local carpenters’ union.


Whether working crowds or speaking at community events, he talks with a gentle, mild-mannered tone, frequently invoking themes of family, tradition and integrity. His campaign manager, a veteran Navy submariner with a keen eye for detail, is always close by.

Jeremiah has a magnetic personality that draws strangers to share stories with him, and he pauses often to squeeze their hands and nod approvingly in a way that conveys not only understanding, but the unspoken chemistry of meeting a new best friend.