The cost of living is killing seniors, driving the middle class into bankruptcy, and scaring our children off to the Mainland. We cannot continue as a state with skyrocketing costs of living. Hawaii ranks the worst as the most expensive state for housing requiring residents to make a minimum of $34.22/hr just to pay for a two bedroom apartment (Source: National Low Income Housing Coalition, June 2016). This does not include the costs of health insurance, car insurance, food, gas, and all the other vital necessities of modern living.


A family of two adults and one child in Honolulu alone pays an estimated minimum of $9,431 in taxes per year and needs to spend at least $8,690 a year in transportation costs, $4,755 in medical costs, and a whopping $21,840 in housing costs (Source: MIT, June 2016). With the exception of Democratic big-name candidates and incumbents, most Hawaii residents are stuck in dead-end entry level jobs with no chance for promotion and barely enough to make ends meet. My opponent is out of touch and the people of Ewa are out of time.


I have a plan and I’ll be ready day one to implement!


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