Hawaii has everything she needs to be a leader of commerce, industry, and technology. Unfortunately, we routinely rank as the worst state to do business (Source: CNBC, June 2015) our greatest export is talented young people who go to the Mainland after graduating. We need to give our keiki the Hawaii they deserve. We cannot continue to fund every desire of government on the backs of small business owners and the middle class.


We need to find better ways to pay for core government, including zeroing out the balances of defunct special funds, shutting down slush funds that aren’t performing, and holding government programs accountable for when they aren’t able to spend the money they ask the Legislature for. Money left unspent by government is money that is best spent by the middle class.


We need to lower taxes. Right now we have a “palace economy” built on redistribution rather than innovation. Why does everyone want to run for office in Hawaii? Because the only way to get things done is to get the Legislature to give it away to you! I want to change this.


We need to have a business-friendly Legislature. In Hawaii, the first thing that a startup company or a business wishing to set up shop hears is “There’ll be NO!” (There’ll be none of this, there’ll be none of that, there’ll be no of this etc.) Right now the list of “There’ll be NOs” exceeds the list of things people can do. You can’t innovate, dream, and succeed when everything requires a license, a special permit, or permission from Honolulu’s political class to do. When we free Hawaii’s people, we will be free to succeed and prosper again.


I have a plan and I’ll be ready day one to implement!