Hawaii is a state without a strategic plan run by too many bureaucrats. The American Planning Association says that the State Land Use Commission spends too much time on individual projects rather than setting broad plans (Source: The Economist, September 2007) and our planning process is far too often hijacked by selfish “not-in-my-backyard” (Source: The New York Times, December 2007) special interest groups that use the Legislature and City Council as a monopoly board to rig the game against small businesses and individual taxpayers.


There’s something seriously wrong when places like Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau are among the richest, most enviable cities, but Honolulu, which has all the benefits of being America’s jewel in the Pacific, is known for backwardness, declining infrastructure, and poor planning.


As a lifelong builder and contractor, I know what it means to build things that work and how to make communities where families can work, play, live, and thrive. We will clean up the bureaucracy, focus on the important tasks of building new roads, better urban planning, and we will stop using taxpayer money to subsidize developers in getting free ride in gobbling up our islands.


I have a plan and I’ll be ready day one to implement!